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Blower advantage with screw technology
Flight through a state of the art blower station with new EBS screwblower packages
Information on implementing the REACH regulation in KAESER KOMPRESSOREN
ASK series – More powerful, more efficient
New: KRYOSEC refrigeration dryers
Rotary blower packages now also available with advanced Sigma Control 2 control technology
ESD – Setting the standard
KAESER Report (pdf)
KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the largest and most successful suppliers of air systems, with over 5000 employees worldwide. 
Our primary goal is providing exceptional customer service coupled with innovative products and progressive system solutions.
   Product News  

MOBILAIR – Doubly clean air!


Kaeser Kompressoren is proud to introduce four next generation portable compressors covering a free air delivery range between 7.5 and 17 m³/min. They not only feature the very latest Stage IIIB compliant diesel engines with exhaust gas treatment, such as oxidation catalytic converters and particulate filters, as standard, but also include several design improvements such as optimised possibilities for on-board compressed air treatment.

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Press release regarding the very latest MOBILAIR models

OIL-FREE AIR – Dry compressed air at virtually no cost

Innovative, intelligent, integrated –
– The new i.HOC rotation dryer, shown here as an attachment unit on a KAESER DSG series dry-running rotary screw compressor, provides a dependable source of quality compressed air with pressure dew points to -30°C.

i.HOC rotation dryer
i.HOC celebrates world premiere
i.HOC – integrated dryer for dry-running compressors

Pure compressed air - Energy-efficiency like never before

Kaeser Kompressoren introduces filters that offer extremely low pressure differential with exceptional filtration efficiency. Low pressure differential means less energy demand. But this alone doesn't mean much unless the filter is able to deliver the required compressed air purity. KAESER FILTER products do both: Their performance data were determined in accordance with ISO 12500-1, the quality standard for filters, and were tested and certified by an independent test agency.

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Press release for the new KAESER FILTER products

   KAESER Report  

„KAESER Report 1/2015“
The latest issue of our customer magazine provides interesting reading on compressed air topics of all sorts.

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Ro-Ka-Tech 2015: Portable compressed air powerhouses

Compressed air is an essential source of energy for all excavation and sewer work. Yet for it to be truly cost-effective, the right technical equipment is also necessary. At this year’s Ro-Ka-Tech in Kassel from the 6th - 8th of May 2015, Kaeser will therefore be showcasing a wide range of the very latest efficient and dependable compressors that more than meet today’s stringent exhaust emissions Standards in Hall 10, Booth D 04. More information ...

Ligna 2015: Compressed air for every need

Whether to meet the needs of an independent tradesperson or a major industrial operation - regardless of system size - a cost-effective supply of quality compressed air is essential for all players in the wood-processing industry. At Ligna in Hannover, Kaeser Kompressoren will be showcasing from  the 11th - 16th of May  2015 in in Hall 15, Stand G 23, and in Hall 26, Stand D 38, its advanced range of compressors, as well as the latest generation of controllers and equipment for complete compressed air systems. More information ...

Stone+tec 2015: Bewährte Drucklufthelfer

A dependable and cost-effective compressed air partner is essential in order to achieve quality results when using compressed air to work natural stone. At this year’s Stone+tec in Nuremberg, Kaeser will present from the 13th - 16th of May 2015 highlights from its comprehensive range of compressors to demonstrate the fine art of compressed air production in Hall 4 A, Stand 123 .

More information ...
   Product News  

Make the change to the most efficient dryer technology.

Reduced energy and space requirement combined with further improved specific power and lower differential pressure. The Secotec TF energy-saving dryer with the innovative thermal storage system is now available. The final-round candidate for the Hermes Award - the Hannover Messe's innovation prize - impresses in every respect with its outstanding performance.

More information...

Press release for the new TF refrigeration dryer

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