Reliability and efficiency for all drying levels

Kaeser compressed air dryers ensure perfect drying of compressed air for the intended application and all flow rates. Since they're designed to be high-quality industrial machines, you'll be providing reliable protection against condensate damage for your systems and processes, even under the harshest conditions.

And to ensure the balance of costs remains advantageous for you over the long-term, we offer intelligent energy-saving control for all drying processes and will work with you to identify the optimal unit size and configuration. Just get in touch!

Our dryers: an overview

Cost-effective in terms of investment and operating costs, and perfectly suited to the majority of all compressed air applications

  • Compressed air drying for stable PDP +3 °C
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar
  • Flow rate 0.35 to 106.18 m³/min

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Pressure dew points in the below-zero range for sensitive industrial processes, in areas at risk of frost or for use as process air

  • PDP down to -70 °C
  • Your choice of heatless regenerated (DC series) or heat regenerated (DW series)
  • Flow rate 0.15 to 194.2 m³/min

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Combine the energy-saving operation of modern refrigeration dryers with the low pressure dew points of desiccant dryers

  • Selectable PDP levels between +3 °C and -40 °C
  • Energy-saving control for refrigeration dryers and desiccant dryer section
  • Flow rate 12 to 150 m³/min

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Combination dryers

Low pressure dew points for low flow rates – when space is at a premium or for mobile applications

  • PDP levels between +3 °C and -40 °C
  • Innovative flow concept for high operational reliability and efficient drying
  • Flow rates at the inlet up to 4.4 m³/min

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Membrane dryers