Powerhouses up to 21.2 m³/min (750 cfm)

Future-ready powerhouses that thrive in extreme conditions

Our towable portable compressors in the 10–20 cubic metre class can easily handle ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C and can be also be equipped for sub-zero conditions below −10 °C. With their advanced systems and motor controls, they are also exceptionally efficient – which is good for both the environment and your wallet.

  • Maximum pressures up to 14 bar
  • Optional compressed air treatment
  • Optionally available with synchronous generators (M130 and M135)
  • Optional GPS fleet management

Your advantages

  • Unrivalled availability and efficiency:
    The SIGMA CONTROL MOBILE controller ensures optimised compressed air availability and fuel efficiency using state-of-the-art electronic motor management.
  • Eco-friendly – now and tomorrow:
    "Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR": For compressed air users that means minimal pollutant emissions in accordance with the stringent European Stage IIIB emissions standard (M 130 and M 171 models).
  • Intuitive three-button operation:
    Kaeser places great emphasis on user-friendly control. Users therefore avoid costly downtime and steep learning curves.

Profitable thanks to low life-cycle costs
Life-cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach guarantees long-term returns: durable components, easy operation, maintenance-friendly and future-fit efficiency and emissions performance.


Our compressor powerhouses in detail


The compressor controller of the future


By accessing electronic motor management, the SIGMA CONTROL MOBILE system optimises compressed air availability and fuel efficiency. It is shock and vibration resistant and meets the IP 65 electrical protection standard.
Its functions include operational monitoring as well as precise system diagnostics.

User-friendly operation saves time

The highly intuitive user operation means that only three buttons are needed to operate the entire system.
If necessary, the compressor can shut itself down using the automatic monitoring system

Precise pressure settings save fuel

Using the arrow keys, system pressure can be precisely adjusted in 0.1 bar increments on the SIGMA CONTROL MOBILE's display.
This not only enhances flexibility but, in combination with the electronic inlet valve control, also achieves significant energy savings – especially when operating in partial load.

NEW M130 and M171 with Stage IIIB emissions standard

With the M130 and M171 models, Kaeser offers two new, towable compressors that easily meet the standards for operation in low emission zones. Both have low emission Deutz motors, which are equipped with diesel particulate filters as standard. They meet the stringent standards of the Swiss Clean Air Act, and are therefore well within the requirements of the European Euromot IIIB standard.

M 130 with IIIB emissions level

The M130 is available in versions delivering working pressures of 10, 12 and 14 bar with a flow rate range of 9.4 to 12 m³/min. With the SIGMA CONTROL MOBILE controller, the arrow keys can be used to adjust the system pressure in 0.1 bar increments up to 5 bar to match the needs of the task at hand.

M 171 with IIIB emissions level

For situations calling for large volumes of compressed air, the M171 has it all. At 8.6 bar it provides an impressive flow rate of 17.0 m³/min. Other versions offer working pressures of up to 14 bar. Even with a full tank of fuel, the standard version weighs in at less than 2.7 t, which makes the M171 a true ultra-light in its class.

Generator option

Compressed air and electrical power

Optional three-phase generator

Our range of powerful compressors can be optionally equipped with a 23 kVA synchronous 3-phase generator. This eliminates the need for a separate power source to operate power tools or lighting.
Our new M 130 portable compressor features this option for AC and DC power generation, which sets it apart from all rivals in its size class (10–14 bar, 9.4–12 m³/min).

  • Maintenance-free thanks to brushless design
  • Optimal flow rate and exceptional reliability through communication with the compressor control system
  • Optionally available with lockable generator control panel

Optional: MOBILAIR fleet management

Real-time data via GPS

MOBILAIR fleet management

An optional GPS/GSM modem discretely integrated into the unit provides the user with online information regarding the technical status of the equipment. Should the user need to be alerted to an issue, the system actively reports it with a diagnostics check.
In addition to current operating hours and position-fixing, the system also helps by providing valuable data for compressor load evaluation and maintenance planning.

Technical specifications

The technical specifications, as well as information regarding availability, can be found in this flyer: