PREMIUM series workshop compressors

Accept no compromises

Kaeser PREMIUM workshop compressors are constructed for years of daily use – both in the workshop as well as on construction sites. Kaeser has developed models to suit every application,

with the following performance parameters:

  • Pressure: 10/20/25 bar
  • Displacement: 130 – 660 l/min

Choose from the following versions:

  • A robust compressor designed for continuous use on construction sites: PREMIUM CAR
  • A compact compressor for other building trades: PREMIUM COMPACT
  • A flexible compressor for the workshop: PREMIUM

Your advantages

  • Stands up to rigorous daily use, for years:
    First-rate materials, precision machining, reinforced drive motor bearings – the PREMIUM series is produced exclusively in Germany and is intended for daily use.
  • Find the compressor that's precisely tailored to your requirements:
    Among more than 30 versions, you're virtually guaranteed to find the perfect compressor for your particular type of work – regardless of how much pressure you require, or how durable, easy to manoeuvre or versatile the compressor needs to be.
  • Exceptionally long service intervals:
    We use a special, temperature-resistant, high-performance oil in our PREMIUM compressors that allows for approximately 1000 hours of operation between oil changes.

Energy cost savings
Life-cycle costs

Our main objective is to construct compressors that deliver exceptional performance over an extended service life with minimal energy consumption. The use of high-quality materials and careful production methods are just the beginning.


Product details

A comparison of all PREMIUM series versions

Perfect for construction sites: PREMIUM CAR

PREMIUM CAR 150–660 trade and workshop compressors (108–545 l/min; 10–25 bar)

  • Won't tip 
  • Stable top panel and solid frame 
  • Easy to transport 

Application examples: sandblasting, nailing, plaster and tile removal

The ideal companion for interior renovation: PREMIUM COMPACT

PREMIUM COMPACT trade and workshop compressors

  • Single-handed manoeuvrability. 
  • Easy to transport 

Application examples: stapling, backfilling, stripping floor coverings

Perfect for workshop use: PREMIUM

PREMIUM trade and workshop compressors

  • Highly versatile 

Application examples: wheel changes, repair and paint work

Technical specifications and suitable tools and accessories

Technical specifications, as well as information regarding suitable tools and accessories, can be found in these brochures:

Schematic illustration
Reciprocating compressor component layout
  1. Silenced air intake filter
  2. Compressor block
  3. Maintenance-free 1:1 direct drive
  4. Pressure switch with unloaded start
  5. Filter pressure regulator with quick-release coupling
  6. Pressure relief valve
  7. Check valve
  8. Oil filler with vent
  9. Oil drain plug
  1. Sound & vibration dampers
  2. Fan/flywheel
  3. Terminal box with overload protection
  4. Condenser
  5. Internally-coated air receiver
  6. Manual cold-start option
  7. Rugged wheels
  8. Ribbed cooling pipes