Rotary screw compressors

Keep up the pressure

Rotary screw compressors supply production processes in industry, trade and workshop applications with a reliable supply of quality compressed air. They are the preferred choice for users requiring constant pressure over prolonged periods.
To ensure that our rotary screw compressors operate as efficiently as possible, we developed our own special rotor profile. Our SIGMA profile rotors provide you with energy savings of up to 15 % compared with conventional rotor profile designs.
Furthermore, our airends with SIGMA profile rotors boast an exceptionally long service life. This is in no small part due to the roller bearings we choose to use: they are precision adjusted and generously sized. Combine this with our in-house high-end manufacturing processes with lowest possible manufacturing tolerances and you have an exceptional product.

Profitable thanks to low life-cycle costs

Life-cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach to optimal profitability: Optimal efficiency, easiest operation, service-friendliness and a global service and consulting network with fast response times.

An overview of our rotary screw compressors

Rotary screw vacuum pumps

Rotary screw vacuum pumps

Our energy-saving complete solution for generating low vacuum

  • Connect and go
  • With efficient IE3 motors
  • Intake capacity: 4.75 to 15.70 m³/min – 99 % final vacuum

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Rotary screw vacuum pumps

Reduce your energy costs even further!

Maximum heat recovery with rotary screw compressors.

100 percent of the energy fed to a compressor is converted into heat. Up to 96 % of this energy can be recovered and is available for reuse.