From medium-sized businesses to global corporations in a wide range of industries, Kaeser customers benefit from Kaeser's decades of engineering expertise.
We love challenges.

We thrive on extremes. The more challenging, the better. Our desire to help every customer find the optimal solution continuously drives us forward.

Reference projects
Outstanding performance, clever ways to save.
Outstanding performance, clever ways to save.

From medium-sized businesses to global corporations in a wide range of industries, Kaeser customers benefit from Kaeser's decades of engineering expertise.

Reference projects
We love challenges.
The perfect fit with KAESER solutions

No challenge is too great or too small for KAESER - we provide the right solutions by asking the right questions. KAESER understands that compressed air systems are only as good as their suitability to meet the demands of your specific operating conditions. Moreover, they must also seamlessly integrate into your facilities and be able to meet your objectives - no matter whether you would like to optimise system performance, are planning a new system or wish to purchase the compressed air at a fixed price. 

We are also the right choice if your compressed air system requires service or repair and needs to be temporarily bypassed. Or perhaps you’ve accepted a large contract and require more compressed air than usual. You may also wish to perform thorough testing prior to investment in your own compressor…

For a tailored quotation, contact our experts who will be happy to discuss your specific objectives and requirements in detail.


Wastewater treatment plant in Kitzingen with a 85,000 population equivalent
Blowers for aeration tank oxygenation

Reduce electrical energy demand by more than 20 percent! This dream was made a reality through modernisation of the old air compression system with a new blower station from Kaeser Kompressoren.

New planning

Orgelbau Hey from Urspringen/Rhön relies on KAESER technology for its ambitious “Vox Maris” project.

The giant “Vox Maris” organ at the Sky Tower in Yeosu, Korea was completed and erected in time for the Expo 2012. Now, the “voice of the ocean” will roll across the entire Expo site and the bay of Yeosu.

Operator models

Smart, safe, secure.

We offer a choice of two different operator models.


Maintain flexibility.

In addition to individual compressors, blowers and equipment for compressed air treatment, we also offer complete, flexibly configurable systems consisting of several components installed in containers.


Our machines are also available for rental.

Are you looking for an interim solution for your compressed air or blower station? Whether you need the equipment for a short time only or over a longer period, we offer compressors, blowers and additional components such as machines for compressed air treatment for rental.


Cutting edge technology – without investment costs.

Would you like to ensure that your machinery and equipment is always at the cutting edge of technology without having to make major investment in your production facilities? We can help!

KAESER Solutions

As one of the world’s leading and most established compressed air system providers, Kaeser finds the optimal solution for every customer. Regardless whether the issue is the optimisation of an existing station, the redesign of the compressed air system or interesting operator models:

We can respond to your individual requirements and offer different alternatives tailored to your situation.
As transitional solutions, we can provide leasing products, and several container variants are an option if you have space issues. 

Various financing and operator models are available if investment costs are too high.
Together with you, we will find the solution that perfectly matches your needs.