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Jul 05, 2021

Mobilair M255: It's never been so easy!

The M255 portable compressor from Kaeser Kompressoren is powerful, safe and easy to use. This compact powerhouse delivers variably adjustable pressures between 6 and 14 bar with flow rates up to 25.5 m³/min.


Jul 05, 2021

Mobilair M450: The heavy-duty performer

The heavy-duty M450 portable compressor was specially-developed to deliver unwavering performance under extreme environmental conditions. With a maximum available flow rate of 48.1 m³/min (1700 cfm) and adjustable pressure between 6 and 14 bar, it also provides exceptional power and versatility. The largest portable compressor in the Mobilair series therefore assures a dependable supply of quality compressed air no matter whether in the desert or in the cold.

Kaeser Kompressoren selected by company doctors for COVID vaccinations.

Space on board maritime vessels is always at a premium, which makes Kaeser’s new FSD series rotary screw compressors the ideal solution for marine applications. Measuring only a metre in width and with a total footprint of just 4.1 m², they are significantly more compact than equivalent conventional compressors. Of course, like all Kaeser compressors, they also guarantee outstanding dependability, performance and energy efficiency.

Pillaerator turbo blowers from Kaeser Kompressoren are the ideal choice for high air demand aeration processes in biological water treatment applications. Using cutting edge technology, they provide energy-efficient and reliable operation to assure low life cycle costs.

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