Kaeser Kompressoren and combatting Coronavirus: Moving forward together mindfully

Kaeser Kompressoren takes the health and well-being of its employees with the utmost seriousness and has implemented extensive preventive measures effective immediately and also moving forward.

Employees who have a laptop and for whom remote working makes sense are to perform their work for Kaeser from home. Thanks to modern data transmission technology, worldwide networking of the company and numerous high-performance software programs, this can be reasonably implemented and enables employees to carry out their work almost as effectively as if they were in the office. Maximum hygiene and safety are ensured, wherever possible, on the company premises. Production operations continue to run smoothly at present, as does administration. Thomas Kaeser: “Health is our most valuable asset and must be protected. Kaeser Kompressoren has always been known for its measured approach in dealing with challenges and for the ability to find the most appropriate and well-founded solution. The same applies in this case. With solidarity, respect for all others and determined discipline, we will be able to overcome this extraordinary challenge together.”

Mar 18, 2020 , Free for publication, copy appreciated

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