Kaeser at GaLaBau 2018: A breath of fresh air for the gardening and landscaping sector

Fresh air does a world of good not only for humans and machines, but also for flora. Soil aeration – a systematic and effective method of introducing fertilizer by means of compressed air rods – is just one of many compressed air applications supported by Kaeser portable compressors in landscape gardening environments.

Mobilair M27 Ladeschiene
With a quality petrol engine, the versatile M13 portable compressor combines quiet performance with exceptional efficiency. An electric version featuring a three-phase motor is also available.

Thanks to their compact size and manageability, these energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly Mobilair portable compressors truly come into their own on construction and landscape sites where space is at a premium, supplying the compressed air needed to power a variety of equipment reliably and cost-effectively.

Compressed air rammers take on jobs such as soil compaction on sites that are inaccessible for heavy machinery, whilst air spades are particularly handy for digging clay-heavy soils. Then there are the classic blowing-out and blasting operations that are always required in the world of gardening and landscaping, as well as tasks for pneumatic hammers and power moles, for example.

The comprehensive range of Mobilair portable compressors on show at the GaLaBau 2018 (Hall 7, Stand 111) can be customised to meet the specific requirements of maintaining and constructing urban and green spaces. For example, the compressors can supply cool or technically oil-free compressed air, while the addition of an integrated generator transforms these versatile machines into a mobile power station for air and electricity.

With a flow rate of between 1 and 3 m³/min and maximum working pressures between 7 and 14 bar, the smallest Mobilair models M13 to M31 in particular are always ready to lend a helping hand:

The M13 can be towed manually and features with a quality petrol engine, offering straightforward key start-up. This lightweight machine’s ergonomic tow bars ensure outstanding manoeuvrability and its compact design means it can fit into the tightest of loading spaces. Its air delivery performance of 1.2 m³/min is able to drive a power mole with a drilling diameter of up to 85 mm effortlessly.

The M20 and M27 portable compressors are driven by a diesel engine with an engine output under 18 kW, making them the ideal choice for unrestricted use in low emission zones without the need for an additional diesel particulate filter. Delivering 2.0 and 2.6 m³/min respectively, they are more than capable of powering two 20-kg road breakers simultaneously. The patented Anti-Frost Control, equipped as standard, prevents work interruptions due to the potential issues associated with freezing.

The next size up, with pressure stages up to 14 bar and flow rates of between 2 and 3 m³/min, the M31 model is optionally available with compressed air treatment capability or an integrated 6.5 kVA generator, making it a multi-talented powerhouse. Even when fully equipped, its operational weight remains well below 750 kg, meaning there is no need for either an overrun brake or a special towing licence.

In addition to the combustion engine driven models, the M13 to M31 models also offer whisper-quiet electric drives as an alternative. Wherever 400 V electricity is available, these e-power Mobilair machines truly shine with zero on-site emissions.

The rotation-sintered polyethylene sound enclosure protects the M13 to M31 models from the toughest of construction site conditions, while its scratch and impact-resistance properties help retain the compressor's value. In addition to Kaeser's yellow corporate livery, the PE enclosure is also available in a range of other colours – not surprisingly, green is fast becoming a familiar sight in the gardening and landscaping sector.

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Mobilair M27 Ladeschiene

With a quality petrol engine, the versatile M13 portable compressor combines quiet performance with exceptional efficiency. An electric version featuring a three-phase motor is also available.

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Mobilair M31 Baustelle

The Mobilair M31 not only impresses with its powerful performance: a wide range equipment options make this efficient portable compressor a multi-talented compressed air powerhouse.

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