Secotec TF refrigeration dryer wins gold

Kaeser Kompressoren proudly announces that the groundbreaking Secotec TF-series refrigeration dryer, which features the highly innovative latent heat thermal mass system, has won gold in the compressed air category of the “Product of the Year Award” contest held by Plant Engineering magazine.

Secotec TF refrigeration dryer wins gold

The products that win this award – considered highly prestigious amongst technical experts – are selected by the American magazine’s readers for making significant contributions toward helping them do their jobs smarter, safer, more efficiently and more productively.

Secotec has long been synonymous with highly reliable, industrial-quality refrigeration drying and the new generation of dryers continues this tradition: now featuring the latent heat thermal mass/heat exchanger system, Secotec dryers are again raising the bar when it comes to energy efficiency, space requirements and user friendliness.

Thanks to its groundbreaking latent heat thermal mass system with significantly higher thermal storage capacity, Secotec TF requires 98% less thermal mass material than conventional products to deliver the same capacity. The results: exceptionally high thermal storage capacity, stable pressure dew points and minimal material stress during operation – with significantly reduced space requirements.

The electronic Sigma Control Smart controller, featuring a colour display and language-neutral menu navigation, delivers unparalleled control and monitoring performance for the Secotec TF. The notification message memory and maintenance timer enables efficient monitoring and analysis of operating data.

An optional Ethernet interface enables connection to a master controller, such as the Sigma Air Manager 2. The dryer’s intelligent design gives the Secotec TF astonishing energy efficiency, requiring less than 87 Watts of electric power per m³/min of compressed air (ISO 7183 A1), all with remarkably low pressure losses – under 0.15 bar.

Moreover, the design makes pre-filters unnecessary, saving additional investment and maintenance costs whilst guaranteeing lower differential pressure throughout the system.

Jun 08, 2015 , Free for publication, copy appreciated

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