IFAT 2022: Innovative low-pressure solutions from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

IFAT 2022 – Water 4.0: Innovative low-pressure solutions

When it comes to the use of compressed air in wastewater treatment plants, energy efficiency plays a decisive role. Cost-effective production and reliable supply of compressed air are particularly important factors for water treatment applications.

We will be showcasing what the innovative low-pressure solutions of tomorrow look like at IFAT in Munich from the 30th of May until the 3rd of June 2022.

We will be presenting our latest generation of SIGMA PROFILE rotary screw blowers in Hall A1, at Stand 143/242. As complete solutions including power electronics and controller, KAESER blowers save you both time and money when it comes to commissioning. KAESER’s new FBS and GBS series rotary screw blowers set the new standard in efficiency and space-saving design. We will also be displaying our dependable magnetic bearing turbo blowers, which were specially developed with aeration processes in mind.

Highlight products:

Turbo blowers – The undisputed masters of process air

PillAerator turbo blowers from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

Efficient, reliable and flexible – PillAerator turbo blowers from KAESER are turnkey units developed specifically with aeration applications in mind. The direct-drive magnetic bearing rotor, coupled with an intelligent controller, ensures remarkably efficient operation.

Turbo blowers are used wherever process air is required in the low-pressure range, such as wastewater treatment, aerobic fermentation and flue gas desulphurisation applications.

  • Flow rate up to 275 m³/min
  • Pressure differential 0.3 to 1.4 bar
  • Two sizes – 150 kW and 300 kW

Rotary screw blowers - Uncompromising performance and efficiency

FBS and GBS rotary screw blowers.

KAESER’s new FBS 720 and GBS 1050 series rotary screw blowers set the new standard in efficiency and space-saving design. The SFC version is equipped with an integrated frequency converter and, for models up to to 110 kW, a synchronous reluctance motor. Moreover, for versions powered by high efficiency 132 kW and 160 kW asynchronous motors are available. The STC version features an IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motor.

  • Flow rate up to 105 m³/min
  • Pressure differential up to 1.1 bar
  • Two sizes – FBS 720 up to 110 kW and GBS 1050 up to 160 kW

i.Comp 8 and i.Comp 9 Tower T – Powerful endurance runners

i.Comp 8 Tower and i.Comp Tower 9 T reciprocating compressors.

The innovative i.Comp 8 and 9 TOWER T deliver a constant pressure of 11 bar with 100% duty cycles. An oil-free reciprocating compressor with speed-controlled drive motor, air receiver, refrigeration dryer and controller are all housed within a sound-insulated PE enclosure to create a single turnkey unit. The refrigeration dryer ensures clean, dry compressed air at a pressure dew point of +3 °C.

  • Flow rate 412 to 570 l/min
  • Working pressure 11 bar
  • Drive motor rated power: 3.1 - 4.2 kW