Full service – Peace of mind at a flat-rate price

A Kaeser Full Service agreement ensures that complex compressed air supply systems deliver optimum performance throughout their entire service life and retain maximum value.

  • All maintenance and inspection appointments are carried out according to the individual customer’s needs.

  • Main components and safety-related systems are also checked, adjusted, or replaced as required.

  • The comprehensive service documentation provides further reassurance – also from a health and safety regulation perspective.

KAESER full service agreement: Inspection, maintenance, monitoring and documentation
The Kaeser full service agreement offers all-round assurance: Inspection, maintenance, monitoring and documentation

A flat-rate price tailored to your compressed air supply

The following services and materials are included:

  • Operating materials and consumable parts
  • Periodic replacement of parts (e.g. service kits, drive belts, motor bearings, hoses)
  • Spare parts essential for system operation (e.g. SIGMA airend, motor, cooler)
  • All associated labour, journey and overnight costs.