Releases and publications

Our employees are experts in the field of compressed air engineering and are happy to share their expertise with you – both in seminars and in technical articles and books.

Here we've put together a list of books to which our colleagues have contributed. We warmly recommend these German-language publications to you as excellent resources for well-founded knowledge on compressed air technology.

Druckluft-Handbuch (Compressed Air Manual)

Ruppelt – Compressed air manual

The recent fourth edition of this manual provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the technologies in the areas of compressed air generation, treatment, distribution and utilisation.

The updated and expanded compendium provides readily understandable explanations of the structure and function of compressed air systems as well as the efficient use of compressed air in a wide range of applications. In addition, it will provide the responsible plant engineer with the necessary knowledge to ensure the cost-effective operation and high availability of the various components as well as the entire compressed air system.

Ruppelt, Erwin (publ.): Druckluft-Handbuch, 4th edition, (Vulkan-Verlag) Essen, 2002, ISBN 3-8027-2548-4

Maschinentechnik in der Abwasserreinigung (Mechanical Engineering in Wastewater Treatment)

Hellmann – Machine technology in wastewater purification

This book provides planners, construction contractors and plant operators with a detailed overview of the mechanical engineering aspects of modern wastewater facilities. It can also be used as a practical reference and guide for the planning, construction and the efficient operation of these facilities. In Chapter 6 the author, Knuth Thiele of KAESER KOMPRESSOREN, describes the cost-effective operation of rotary lobe blowers.

Hellmann, D.-H. und Riegler, G. (publ.): Maschinentechnik in der Abwasserreinigung. Verfahren und Ausrüstung, 1st edition, Wiley-VCH, 2002, ISBN 3-527-30606-4

Taschenbuch Drucklufttechnik (Pocket Guide to Compressed Air Engineering)

Ruppelt – Compressed air technology pocketbook

This compendium, in pocket format, was prepared by experts with extensive practical experience. It is intended as a guide offering users, students and other interested readers a rapid overview of compressed air engineering as well as answers to detailed questions. "Taschenbuch Drucklufttechnik" therefore covers all essential considerations for the purchase of compressed air systems as well as their safe and economical operation: from the basic physical concepts and the individual components and proper design of compressed air systems to regulations and cost considerations. To help the reader search for terms and concepts and study them in context, the various topics are presented in chapters with alphabetical entries, as in an encyclopaedia. The explanatory texts are complemented by tables, diagrams and other illustrations depicting the latest technologies.

Bahr, Michael; Ruppelt, Erwin: Taschenbuch Drucklufttechnik, (Vulkan-Verlag) Essen, 2000, ISBN 3802721888