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Quiet and efficient: KAESER blowers

Reduce costs in all areas of compressed air generation

Low energy consumption has long been more than a simple matter relating only to environmental protection. It is increasingly becoming a competitive factor. The topic of our blower seminars is the immense cost-saving potential offered by today’s technology in the blower sector.

Speakers with references

In the compressed air seminars hosted by KAESER KOMPRESSOEN, highly qualified engineers with years of practical experience deliver expert talks on the very latest technology in the field of blowers and compressed air.
Our experts have completed numerous successful projects around the world: Wastewater treatment plants and water works, Formula 1 wind tunnels, chemicals plants and construction sites, as well as planning offices and medium-sized companies – they all benefit from the expertise of Kaeser professionals. You can benefit too: by joining the Kaeser blower seminar.

Contents of the blower seminar

In addition to information regarding Kaeser rotary and screw blowers, together with their benefits - such as lower energy consumption, intelligent maintenance and long service life - we also offer seminars on specialist subjects such as

  • Frequency converters
  • Sound – theory and practice

  • Compressed air basics
    • Delivery volumes and power consumption in accordance with ISO 1217, tolerance specifications
    • Definition and conversion of standard values for air in accordance with DIN 1343
    • Sound levels according to ISO 2151, tolerance specifications
    • Filter classes in accordance with EN 779
  • Overview of compressed air generation and fields of application
    • Reciprocating and rotary screw compressors for medium pressure
    • Control systems (master system)
    • Compressed air treatment (filtration and drying)
    • Overview of machines for low pressure
    • Typical fields of application for low-pressure machines
  • Rotary lobe blower blocks and rotary screw blower airends
    • Function principle, comparison with alternative principles
    • Technical design (principle and design details)
    • Specific power in comparison
    • Measures for pulsation attenuation
    • Parameter relationships for system layout
  • Rotary lobe blower and rotary screw blower packages
    • Design (principle and design details)
    • Accessories for specialised applications (separators, silencers, control valves, prefilters, pre-dryers, aftercoolers)
    • Efficient design of each machine (operating at a fixed speed, frequency converter)
    • Practical maintenance tips
  • Efficient design
    • Energy costs (e.g. when operated with frequency converter)
    • Maintenance costs (maintenance steps and contracts)
    • Calculation programs for blowers (design, LCC comparisons)
  • Blower station planning
    • Projecting installation space
    • Ventilation, concept and calculation
    • Component layout
    • Air distribution network, calculating pressure losses
    • Comparison of systems (splitting concept, calculation of overall station efficiency)
  • Frequency converter (FC) and sound
    • IGBT-FC principle
    • Guidelines on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Benefits of frequency converters in individual devices and overall station, Kaeser design with FC
    • Sound pressure level, A-evaluation, sound power level
    • Basics of sound dissemination, spatial influences

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