Compressed Air Expert Seminars

Expertise – tailored to your needs

Compressed air is one of the most important and versatile energy sources in any manufacturing company. The reliable and efficient supply of compressed air with the required quality is a complex multi-faceted process.

People looking to use compressed air as a highly efficient energy source should consider the company’s compressed air supply system as a whole. The widest possible knowledge base is required in order to properly assess the various interactions within the system and its integration into the operational environment.

Nine consecutive chapters deal with the correct design and selection of compressors and air treatment components, regulation and control options, environmental issues such as safe condensate drainage and treatment, energy-efficient operation and heat recovery through to recommendations on planning and efficiency calculations.

Topics – An Overview

  1. Fundamentals 
  2. Compressed air generation
  3. Compressed air treatment 
  4. Condensate drainage and treatment 
  5. Compressed air distribution 
  6. Regulation and control 
  7. Using recyclable heat 
  8. Determining and ensuring efficiency 
  9. Planning a compressed air station

Experienced speakers

We employ highly-qualified compressed air specialists as speakers.
Our speakers not only have profound theoretical knowledge, but also have many years of practical experience in compressed air system planning and in compressed air engineering and technology. State-of-the-art technical knowledge will be imparted – practically, clearly and intuitively.
You will also have the opportunity to ask questions, contribute your ideas, and share your thoughts and own experiences with the other attendees.

Seminar attendance

Kaeser compressed air seminars are held in easily accessible regional Kaeser offices or in specially selected conference hotels.
The seminar fee is € 275.00 plus VAT (a compressed air seminar booklet, beverages and lunch are included in the fee).

Certificate of participation

Following the seminar, you will be presented with a certificate of participation from the speaker.

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