12. - 14. ноя 2019, Nürnberg Германия

Boosters are needed when, for production-related reasons, compressed air is required at a higher pressure than network pressure. With innovative speed-controlled all-in-one systems, Kaeser Kompressoren is proud to open a brand new chapter in booster compression.

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Представленная продукция
  • Услуги в сфере Industrie 4.0
  • Винтовые компрессоры безмасляного сжатия
  • Воздуходувка
  • Промышленные поршневые компрессоры

Efficient pressure performance up to 45 bar!

Поршневой компрессор - бустер
Quiet and efficient - Kaeser boosters combine compact and modern design with variable speed control

Kaeser’s new boosters provide the ideal solution for compressed air users in the brewery industry who require higher pressure air. As the first all-in-one booster system, the DNC series from Kaeser is now also available with variable speed control and with motor powers from 22 – 45 kW. As a result, the compressor flow rate is matched to actual air demand, which means that only as much energy is consumed as is needed to produce the supply of higher pressure compressed air. The system is therefore also especially efficient in the partial load range since the compressor switches to idle operation when air demand drops below the control range. Compressor operating speed and energy consumption are consequently kept to a minimum.

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